Todocristal in SibBuild 2015, Russia

SIB 268x68 v2

Between the 3rd and the 6th of february we attended SibBuild International Show at Vovosibirsk, Siberia, Russia.


Nuestro sistema está teniendo una gran acogida en Rusia, en zonas tan extremas como Siberia, con temperaturas cercanas a -40º en invierno y 40º en verano, nuestro sistema funciona sin ningún problema.

Our products were very well received as we offer optimal solutions for extreme climates. In Siberia the lowest temperature during winter reaches -40 ºC while the highest temperature in summer goes up to 40ºC. Our system works perfectly under these conditions.

Also, as the weight is supported on the floor, it does not add weight to the roofs covered by snow and it is not necessary to add expensive and unsightly reinforcements.

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