Automatic retractable glass wall

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Automatic retractable glass wall

Todocristal automatic retractable glass wall is a new product in the market. It runs quietly and can be controlled with a key or by remote control, which allows all panels to be stacked in the bottom part. It gives you the choice of opening the system whenever you like, resulting in a balustrade when it is opened for more security.

It is the ideal solution for enclosures in bars, hotels, restaurants and porches, homes, offices, etc. If you are looking for a wall that allows you to keep the views and that can still open, this is your solution.

Delivery time: 6 weeks.

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Technical details


The first glass at the bottom is always fix, the rest are movable.

Use a key or remote control to activate it.

The system uses a chain-driven transmission motor. When gears rotate, the engine moves that chain which is connected to the glass panels.

The counterweights balance the system so it does not shake while moving, improving its durability.

The aluminum profiles are made for Todocristal and they are exclusive for this system.

Gears are made in quenched and tempered steel, it fits in the chain securely to prevent loose. Profiles must be assembled with Todocristal polymer glue.

Adjustable glasses height.

Engine: Somfy (160 kg maximum load).

Aluminum side profiles: 9 x 12 cm.

Aluminum top profile: 12 x 13 cm.


When panels are stacked at the bottom position, the fix glass becomes a balustrade.

Different combinations:

  • 1 fixed glass + 1 movable glass
  • 1 fixed glass + 2 movable glasses
  • 1 fixed glass + 3 movable glasses

In 1 fixed panel + 1 movable glass configurations; the maximum lenght is 4.000 mm and 2.400 mm high.

In 1 fixed panel + 2 movable glasses o 1 fixed+ 3 movable; the maximum size is 3.600 mm x 3.600 mm.


8 mm tempered (standard)

4 mm + 4 mm laminated

5 mm + 10 mm + 5 mm (double glazing)


8 mm tempered (standard)

4 mm + 4 mm laminated

5 mm + 10 mm + 5 mm (double glazing)


Reinforced: made in EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer rubber). It protects from dirt, wind and noise.

Insulation: made in EPDM. It protects from dirt, wind and noise.


High adhesion (600kg/10cm2).

100% resistant to water, atmospheric agents and UV rays.

It can be applied on almost any surface, including humid/dry surfaces.

Isocyanate, halogens, acids and solvents free.


Any RAL lacquered color and anodized.


Remote control.

Glass automatic retractable wall advantages

Different panels combinations
Remote control
Adjustable glass panels and silent motion
High resistance
The glass automatic retractable wall can become a balustrade
Long-lasting system, with low maintenance

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