Multitrack sliding glass doors for distributors

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Multitrack sliding glass doors

In Todocristal multitrack sliding glass doors, both the frame and the panels are adjustable. Also, you will get great versatility from the 3 or 4 tracks options, as you will be able to install from 2 to 8 panels, collecting in one or both sides.

Multitrack sliding doors are perfect for dividing indoor spaces, terraces and also in restaurants or hotels. It allows people flow allowing the views outwards.

Delivery time: between 3 and 4 weeks.

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Technical details


AGS001 is a sliding glass doors system. It comprises moving laminated or tempered glass panels, framed by aluminum profiles.

The system thickness goes from 84 to 110 mm, depending on its configuration.


Measure the span external frame dimension. Add 20 mm to this dimension to adjust the frame to its final position.

The bottom track can be place even to the floor or embedded. It includes drains to evacuate water.

The bottom aluminum track is adjustable up to 2.5 mm to adapt to the installation location, thanks to the integrated levelers.


Based on the number of panels and the opening direction:

  • CCR + nº of panels opening to the right + D
  • CCR + nº of panels opening to the left + I
  • CCR + nº of panels opening to the right + nº of panels opening to the left


The AGS001 sliding door system uses laminated safety 5.5 glass or 10 mm single tempered glass.

Other kinds of glass in a single sheet available, on special request.


The colors available for the frames are:

  • RAL lacquered, QUALICOAT certified
  • EURAS anodized or wood design
  • Other colors on special request

*The bottom frame standard color is silver anodized, but it is possible to match its finishing with the rest of aluminum profiles.


The maximum panels size, including the frame, is 3.000 x 1.600 mm. This measures can be limited in case of predictable high winds and impacts.

Panel dimensions will also be limited by the glass thickness. Because of the panels size limitation, it might be necessary to add more panels to cover a particular surface.

Panels maximum weight is about 100 kg.

Special sizes on special demand.


The standard use and lock combination is: handling from the inside and from the outside without panels lock. Different locks available for the following combinations:

  • Sliding door handled from the inside and from the outside, with inside lock without key.
  • Sliding door handled from the inside and from the outside, with inside lock with key.
  • Sliding door handled from the inside and the outside with outside lock with key.

Multitrack sliding glass doors advantages

It covers large surfaces
Bottom track can be embedded in the floor
Adjustable system, both from the frame and from the panels
Easy to install, it does not need building works
Different finishing options
5 years warranty

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