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Glass balustrade

Our glass balustrades adapt to any kind of construction and space, without compromising the aesthetics, structure or building design. It complies the Technical Building Code (CTE).

Glass balustrades fit perfectly in high-rise terraces, offering the required safety. Combined with the Todocristal frameless glazing system, you will be able to enjoy a completely opened space in your terrace when stacking the panels aside, without compromising the safety thanks to the glass balustrade.

Delivery time: between 2 and 3 weeks.

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Technical details


Aluminum alloy highly resistant and with maximum top quality (EN 755).

Total geometric symmetry that eases the installation.

Double anti-lift system for glazing.

CTE – DB SE-AE certification for all use categories.

Self-lubricated glass protection base, shock resistant and with high load support.

Discrete visible section.

Different installation options, reducing mistakes and installation time.


Mechanic regulation for leveling on the floor.

Compatible with straight section unions and connecting angles.

Integrated drain available, finishing covers and external cathodic protection.


Suitable for 8+8 and 10+10 glass (depending on the needs).


Available in any RAL color, anodized, wood design or inox-like.


Minimalist handrail for direct application.

Stress tests

Glass balustrades have been testes in several security tests according to the Building Technical Code (CTE):

  • CTE DB SE-AE test apdo. 3.2 “Actions on the balustrade and divisory elements”, C5 category of use.
  • CTE DB SE-AE test apdo. 3.2 “Actions on the balustrade and divisory elements”, C3, C4, E and F use categories.


Todocristal glass balustrade advantages

Highly resistant with protection base
Small visible section
Glass choice: laminated in different heights and thicknesses
Integrated drain, covers and cathodic external protection
CTE (Building Technical Code) approval
Fast to install

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