Multitrack sliding glass doors

Multitrack sliding glass door

Divide areas and create open plan spaces

Discover the advantages

Get more living space and enjoy your views

Install the Multitrack sliding doors in your home or business to get more living space. Todocristal glass multitrack sliding doors are the perfect solution to solve space problems elegantly and simply. It provides security, luminosity, stability, without covering the views.

In addition to its installation in terraces, the multitrack sliding doors fit perfectly in restaurants, hotels, and indoor spaces, dividing the rooms and allowing the flow of people.

Large surfaces

The multitrack sliding doors cover large surfaces, with a minimum vision of the profiles.

Open spaces

It is possible to collect all the panels aside, opening the space completely.

Embedded bottom track

The bottom track can be embedded in the floor, placing the glass base at ground level.

Finishing options

The aluminum profiles are available in lacquered, anodized, wood design, etc.

Adjustable system

In Todocristal multitrack sliding doors system, both the frame and the panels are adjustable.

Easy to install

This system installation is easy and it does not require building works.

We adapt to your home

Technical details


  • Sliding glass doors system. It comprises moving laminated or tempered glass panels, framed by aluminum profiles.
  • The system thickness go from 84 to 110 mm, depending on its configuration.
  • The bottom frame can be installed on the floor or embedded.
  • The system 4 tracks allow great design versatility, as you can combine from 3 to 8 panels installation (in multiples of 4 or 3).
  • It covers large surfaces with very discrete profiles.
  • The bottom guide can be installed hidden to even the glass to the floor level.
  • All panels can be collected aside, opening the space completely.
  • Installation system is easy and clean, as it does not require building works.
  • The needle roller bearings can support up to 65 kg each.
  • Glass accessories and special fittings available.
  • Aluminum profiles are available in all the finishing range: wood design, lacquered and anodized.
  • Tempered and laminated glass, 3000 x 1600 size maximum, 10 mm thick (5.5. in laminated glass).
  • Both the frame and the panels are adjustable.

  • Frameless glass panels, it does not obstruct the views.
  • The panels are supported on the floor, so they are suitable for installation under false ceilings.
  • Panels slide in a straight line, and are stacked in one or both sides.
  • The system can have 3 or 4 tracks, so you can install from 2 to 8 panels.
  • Bulding works not required for installation.
  • Very low maintenance.
  • 5 years warranty.
  • Custom options for the glass panels (glass options, system finishing and guides, etc.).
  • Acoustic insulation.
  • Protection against wind, dirt and low temperatures.
  • Resistant to shocks, heavy rains and salt corrosion.
  • Bottom drain included to collect and evacuate the water generated by condensation.
  • It allows the entrance of natural light so you will save energy.
  • Clear views all year long in a safe an elegant space.
  • Make a better use of your terrace and porch respecting the building look.

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